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Should I worry about headroom?

Unless the headroom for your garage door is smaller than six inches, you don’t have to worry. There are all sorts of garage door parts available, and Evanston experts can tell you now that headroom is nowhere near as big an issue as it used to be with garage doors.

Does cold weather affect spring performance?

Low temperatures and frost can have negative impact on the operation of the garage door spring if the component has not received proper lubrication. The door will move more slowly and the spring will strain more. In order to avoid this problem, you have to ensure that this and all other moving hardware parts of the door are well lubricated before the winter starts.

What causes the garage door to go off track?

This problem usually occurs when one of the lift cables breaks. In this situation, you must disconnect the opener immediately to ensure that no one will attempt to run the door, as this is likely to make the problem worse. The solution involves replacing the cable and adjusting the door. If the track is bent, it should be straightened. If it is broken, it should be replaced.

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